Evolution is a pretty awesome thing. No really it is!

Beyond all those big bang shebangs lies a constellation of opportunities. See this earth below our feet is living, breathing, whispering, pulsating. Not in fear but in sheer infinite possibility. After all, in these days of disruptive business, agile thinking, and baby step play sessions – there’s no better time to bring your purpose into view.

It’s time to frame that thing you do with Purpose

That’s why we’re on the cusp of the Class of Emerging. Pioneering new frontiers. Becoming a leader in what it is you stand for (and the world is asking you for!) Changing the way the game is played. Making Business Matter instead of being run by business matters.

We are all change makers anyways. The real question is what are you going to do about it?

It’s time to get radical

We want to bring together a new class of Emerging. Those who choose to stand for tomorrows rather than being run by the stories of the past. Whether you’re leaps and bounds ahead or bring a fresh-new twist on something classic, we believe the world is made by those who are bold enough to live on the edge. The cusp. The moment. This exact turning point.

It‘s time to bring together Lifestyle, Business and Consciousness so that they can share the same ’office space’ as your Purpose and your Brand.

Enter The Global Movement Summit.

1 part Showcase. 1 part Incubator. 1 part Intuitive CoLab designed to meet you where you are, and take you (your business, and your brand) to a whole new level of play.

Pick your game.

Meet our Lumonauts, Agents IN Change, & Evolutionary Entrepreneurs

Meet our playmates


Things we have been involved in


Yup, it’s 100% real and happening. I mean think about it: Consciousness has imploded (SuperNova Style might I add), technology has burst through the stratosphere, education systems are being re-written, Yoga has become an industry all on its own, and then there’s 3D printing.

Yes, we are now 3D printing houses.  Even 3D printing food. Yup. Food! As 3D printing becomes the norm – and a whole lot more playful – it looks like we can officially wave a big bye-bye to the culture of “have nots” to the culture of “create your own reality”. Nothing is off limits … excuses become obsolete … should you have the courage to lean into it.

The gap between purpose (where you’re headed) and current reality (where you find yourself) blurs. It’s all within arm’s reach … and yet it’s your move. 

Yup, the stars can’t be any more aligned, the opportunities any more synchronistic, but the fact remains it’s your move. And not to add any pressure or anything – but the world’s waiting on YOU to make a choice. A commitment. A movement.

I’ve made mine. It’s your turn to step inwards, onwards, and above all upwards.

See, over the past couple of months, I have been connecting with luminaries, trendsetters, movers and shakers, and thought leaders around the globe. In that process, I’ve started connecting the dots on the evolution of NEW AGE business models, CONSCIOUS branding, AUTHENTIC marketing, and PURPOSEFUL innovations.

If you’re looking for your next level purpose, ready to step things up, take your brand to the pinnacle of all things purposeful, and unleash your very own global movement – now’s that moment.

It’s your move.

Here’s why The Universe is not done with us yet.

It started with a pet peeve, got fueled by purpose, and what happened next left me breathless. Here’s why:

Let’s start with the pet peeve. Have you ever noticed the business formula to pretty much every Summit out there?  Sign up for FREE – have your life / business turned around – and get slapped with the bill? Sneaky doesn’t even begin to describe it. Most people don’t pay, some just like a free ride to nowhere, and then before you knew it you got slapped with 10 other bills from speakers on the Summit you didn’t even resonate with.  Or if you did, now you’re stuck feeling like you want to work with all of them but your bank limit just doesn’t allow it.

By now you know that I don’t play that game. I don’t want to throw everything that was sacred and magical about the experience we just shared together and expect that you need to pay me for it. NOPE. I believe this information was channelled through this platform to serve you at your best. Not hold you hostage. Empowerment doesn’t work that way!

That’s where Purpose comes in. I saw the need to extend the conversation. But then something happened. Between the feedback both amazing and constructive, behind the process, and taking a spoon of my own medicine – something happened. A Quantum Leap? A Shape Shift Evolution. A next level purpose. A “you’re not done yet” deep echo.

That’s what brings us here. The Global Movement 2.0

Have you made your move yet?

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