When Purpose and Potential collide

Welcome to your slipstream for designing a business that matters. One that’s on everyone’s hearts and actually pays you to change the world!

This isn’t a fairytale. Instead, we fuse the world’s cutting-edge profiling tool to grow trust and flow using ancient principles and your natural glow to design a fully customised leading business experience with a purposeful twist. See it’s one thing to take a test, and it’s another to integrate its DNA into that thing that you do at your best! That’s why we’ve fused it to the power of exponetialism, to offer you more than just a paper trail.

This get-up-and-go fast track helps you to accelerate your dreams by creating a purpose bridge that takes you from here to what you’re actually up for. With less of the fuss and more of a roadmap.

Ideal For: Purpose-driven-Entrepreneurs, Agents-in-change, and forward thinking enterprises who like play in motion. Those who are moving beyond the tinkersome stage of product development, and are looking to fine tune their magick to make even more impact on the world.  Those that want to transcend their barriers and play on the edge. Take the game to the next level. And literally, put their money where their mouth is.

I radically believe in

investing in the kinds of entrepreneurs that push the needle into flow. And the only way I know how to do that is to do the radically obvious things. Creating value, worth, impact, and influence (amongst other things) After playing the flow-game with our evolutionary entrepreneurs over at the Incubator, we thought there really shouldn’t be a reason why any purpose-driven-entrepreneurs shouldn’t get to play along.

Especially when that play gets you to be radical, discoverable, distinguishable and in flow.

I’m looking for trailblazers, change makers & pioneers who are ready to play their highest game. On purpose. With boldness.

This is perfect for you if:

you’re feeling ready to claim your birthright and play in the new class of emerging.

you want to bring more of yourself, your soul, and your business into business.

you’re done by playing by other people’s battle plans and wanting to create something that’s 100% authentically you.

you’re ready to be challenged, supported, and in charge.

want to stretch out of your comfort zone and into your “impact zone”.

Start where you are, with what you have, do what you can doesn’t mean it’s a forever kinda slog. One that means learning to be ok with hustle, blood, sweat, and tears.

Playing smart looks so much better on you anyways!

“Lena Ski is a marvel and a delight to work with. Her deep and futuristic understanding of the power of purpose and how to bring it out of the people she works with is both intuitive and powerful. She has been a great help in both my personal and professional development and has become an invaluable resource to me.”

Danielle Elrich
Danielle ElrichExperience Design Consultant

This is your Universe. You‘re here because you’re actually supposed to make a dent in it! Make it mean something interstellar.

Why definitions matter

Start with the why
The internet is pretty good at telling you what, how, and where to do it. But what’s the point if you don’t know your why.

Why does it matter
Becuase passion without direction doesn’t pay the bills and structure without meaning feels like death.

Intuitive matters
Your slipstream shows you a path. This path gives you a bridge. Your purpose becomes the journey. You make it your USP.

Unlock your flow
Customised to your unique needs, vision, and reality and get the results you have been waiting for!

Designed for play
You want real world solutions in real time to make real impact. Sorted and Supported. That’s what I’m here for.

For the new class of emerging Entreprenuers

Unlock your talents, your genius, and your flow.

Map out our Success and Failure Formula.

Hack your slipstream & design the business you want.

Leverage your distinction and become notable.

Join the new class of the emerging.

Create wealth on your own terms, in true terms.

Position yourself in a way that really matters.

Find you wealth opportunities.

Build your foundation for growth.

For StartUps & ready to Scale-Me-Ups

Hack your brand.

Build the smart team instead a whole lot of bodies.

Scale your value.

Leverage your talents.

Take your business into the next dimension.

Lead your game.

Design with growth and wealth in mind.

Do more with less.

Get a fresh perspective on your competitive edge.

Life is more than just a test …

As an Accredited Flow Consultant, Evolutionary Entrepreneur, and real life SuperNova (who used to carry a media pass but now prefers to play with purpose ), I’m here to help Purpose Centred Entrepreneurs unlock their next level purpose, live their brand, make the change, and lead their business. Textbooks help – but they don’t do the work for you. In fact, a lot of the textbooks are falling to pieces. Lost in the endless ebb of changing tides, disruptive innovation, and forward thinking living that comes with a new rule book. (Well, let’s just say it’s been more forgotten than it is new).

  • Unlock the thing that makes you come alive and actually thrive
  • Create your own signature way of doing business with the world
  • Go on and  lead your advantage
See this is more than just a profile test! Or handouts of what you should or could do. Or a slick party magic trick.  We’re so hardwired to press download, and store endless information. That part is easy …  Working with a Coach / Consultant / Mentor brings something that no pdf can ::  integration + perspective + customization.
That’s where things get personal, and that’s where the needle moves into flow.
WHY? Becuase that’s where the conversation takes a new form. That’s where I discover all the magick you bring and step in besides you on a deep-diving session of possibility hunting, and actualized reality bending. Here’s where we make it your own. One of a kind. Tailored to the DNA of what you’re up for.

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