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You’ve worked pretty hard to get here: juggling the rules of the trade, what you actually want and integrity to make something meaningful with your business. And yet, something just doesn’t fit like home. And when it comes to matters of business, you’re not in the game of settling, disillusionment, or expectations. Yet, you know you’re part of something bigger than you. Something special. Something that has the infinite power to make an impact. (And you know that you can’t really really make an impact coming from a comfort zone). This is your time to change the game and join the class of what’s emerging: conscious companies, purpose driven ecosystems, and co-creative teams.

You’re here because …

    • Integrity matters. From the inside out.
    • It’s time your business got a life of its own. The kind that inspires radical in-ness.
    • Build smart teams instead of rooms filled with lots of bodies.
    • Designing an inclusive leadership team over management wardens seems like the obvious way to go.
    • Mindset, wellbeing and culture share the same office space as your social impact dreams.
    • Business growth is actually embraced. And invited.
    • Building trust and playing in flow becomes radically obvious. And very important.
    • The frontier is actually an edge you want to embrace.

We love playing with infinity … here’s why:

      • If management is just a form on handling the status quo, and sustainability is just a form of maintenance – we are up for a whole lot more. Something thrivable.
      • Instead of designing glass ceilings and Fort-Knox boundaries – we prefer to play with boundaries and mould possibilities.
      • If choosing to settle on any less than extraordinary means selling out your purpose, and copy-pasting your passions – we believe it’s time to rethink the business of business.
      • If failure still means something bad, we’re on the hunt for experiences, lessons, and transformation. Maybe even a splash of transcendence.
        • Becuase we believe that if it doesn’t evolve me – it doesn’t involve me.
        • Oh, and did we say this stuff* makes us come alive.
        • After all, this is out Universe and we’re going to make a dent in it. Let’s help you shape yours!

Projects streaming through our stratosphere

In collaboration with Roger Hamilton + Entrepreneurial Institute, this Intuitive CoLab loves to play in the orb of people +passion + purpose.  Or what we like to call Next Level Purpose. What better way than to lead a new age Networking Ecosystem driven to create change and shift the UN Global Goals.

We didn’t think we’d get here so soon, but it seems only natural that if you’re going to change an economy you need to evolve the ecology. And with that we found ourselves playing in a whole new league. Becuase you deserve to have the world you want and it’s time we put value back where it really matters.

Putting innovation and consciousness into play means rethinking and re-engineering the way we show up. Instead, we choose to be authentic, on purpose, lead with integrity, and an absolute game-changer. Hello Old Skool – Welcome Nu World.

Watch this space …

KWP stole Lena Ski’s attention when she was recently asked to Mentor & Judge at a Sustainable Cities #Hackathon. So much so that she could not let it go. With that 4th place was created and awarded to this engineering project designed to rethink the way we play.

Here‘s where things get INTUITIVE – We’ll customise your PLAY PANEL for your unique success

Meet the RePurposing, ReImagining & ReEngineering Team

Our Leading Lumonaut (made of Star-Stuff. Often referred to as SuperNova)

Driven by purpose, fueled with curiosity, and actualized with a glimmer of moonshot thinking, this Nova leads powerful conversations, intuitive councils, and pioneering roundtable think-tanks that refines the way business, leadership, branding, consciousness and purpose fuse together in order to create thriving markets.

In fact, it’s her very own global movement to create a purpose-driven-ecosystem designed to help entrepreneurs thrive that has her taking charge on leading towards magnetic marketing, authentic branding, exponential business design and evolutionary entrepreneurship.

Work with Honour. Meet our Wisdom Council.

James Gien Varney-Wong

Gien is a principal co-founder of Stop Reset Go, a global collective of citizen-change agents developing a commons-based rapid whole system change strategy for the globe. Coming from a technology background, Gien’s main focus is to leverage the strengths of the commons to catalyze the shift from the competition-based MEconomy to a collaboration-based WEconomy.

James Gien Varney-WongWisdom Council Member
Bill Veltrop

Bill Veltrop is a leading “architect of generative change” in the fields of organisation design, learning and change. A pioneer in organic learning community approaches to leadership development, he has designed and led numerous generative leadership learning expeditions. Specialities: I specialise in supporting transformational leaders and practitioners in multiplying their capacity to make a lasting difference in the systems they serve.

Bill VeltropWisdom Council Member

Mix’n Match Speakers + Consultants

Our not so secret – Secret Weapon of Intricate ReCalibration

Wendy Ward helps leaders, teams, organisations and communities to listen to what they are being called to do and who they are being called to be. Within the container of a highly confidential and non-judgmental relationship, Wendy co-creates processes for her clients to envision the future, create Powerful Choices and achieve their true End Results.

As a Wisdom Leader, and Pioneer behind the school of thought of Presilience she takes clients on the path of the radically obvious, game-changing, in the flow path of recalibration, mastery, and alchemy.

Our RockStar of Conscious Consumerism and Green Practices

Our Trend-Making Social-Architect of Change

Danielle is a creator, innovator, trendsetter, collaborator, brand builder and founder of True Story studio.

Her Product Design Company Liv Design was featured at the Rockefeller Center in New York.

She was named an Eco Design ambassador for Sweden and named the Design Indaba Mover and Shaker.

She has worked in Sweden, Hong Kong and with a subsistence community in the middle of the desert.

Why? Because imagining the possibilities is fun. But making them happen is real.

Specialised Service Suppliers

Our Pioneering Creative Strategist and Visual Alchemist

Provides graphic design + creative strategy services to Entrepreneurs + Kick-Starters, enhancing their brand fascination by showcasing their personality, their products and their inner roar authentically.

Our Resident Trend Watcher and Research ExtraOrdinaire

The right kind of data makes a big difference.
Information becomes critical.

Knowledge brings power.

Wisdom is liquid gold.

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