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So what is your next big move?

There are the obvious things to consider. That email you never sent. That potential client you never followed up on. That outstanding invoice. Taking the rubbish out. And actually finishing your project.

I’m more interested in your actual next big move.

  • The kind of move that takes you and your business into a whole new gear.
  • The kind that changes your world for the better, simpler, and bolder.
  • The kind of move that puts you in the driver and designers seat.

There’s work and then there’s being smart. It’s time to be smart.

Unlock your next big move (and what it takes to get there). One that’s 100% unique to where you are, and where you’re headed.  The is no room for cookie cutting yourself. So why should your business be any less authentic?

  • Discover what makes you great. And what needs to stop. And how you build trust.
  • Embrace what your true gifts, talents are (and how you bring distinct value to your world).
  • Hack how you communicate, learn, and lead from a space of flow.
  • Uncover your wealth creation strategy.
  • Unlock you secret weapon winning team (and how to play nicely together)
  • Hiring? How about hiring the guy who gives you the competitive edge instead of being an expense?
  • Best productivity tips – covered.
  • The answer to that age old question – what is it that you actually do?
  • and a lot more.
Jade Khoury

“Work has become play and feels like a true expressing of myself. Then the flow, connection and abundance, synchronicity, so much of it! Tapping into something so much bigger than myself because I’m actually allowed to be myself.”

Jade KhouryFounder of The Low Impact Living Movement

Now imagine what you could create once you have all this wisdom?

That’s the next move that I’m the most drawn to. That’s where we really get to have fun.

That’s where I want to meet you. That’s where I want to support you to actualize your move into reality.

And that’s why I’ve designed this premium personalised VIP experience for you.
This is a unique deep diving intensive that brings Purpose + Potential + Profit into the same room.

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